Is Asbestos Lurking Beneath Those Old Floors?

Finding Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) can put a halt to your new flooring job in an instant, costing you time and money.

Get Your New Flooring Project back on track FAST!

Don’t let possible Asbestos grind your flooring project to a halt!

Getting a new carpet or flooring installed by Home Depot, Empire Flooring, or Lowes is a big job by itself. If your installers encounter possible Asbestos, that project comes to a halt until it's dealt with. Our fast asbestos-testing service will help get your project moving again with minimal downtime!

Hiring experienced professionals in Los Angeles who are certified in asbestos inspection is strongly recommended to ensure safety and compliance with applicable LADBS regulations.

Identify Potential ACMs

The first step in asbestos testing is to identify potential ACMs. This involves a visual inspection of building materials and components.

Sample Collection

To determine if asbestos is present in suspected materials, samples need to be collected. This is typically done by a trained asbestos professional.

Laboratory Analysis

The collected samples are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Specialized equipment and techniques are used to identify the presence of asbestos fibers in the samples.

Risk Assessment

Based on the findings, a risk assessment may be conducted to evaluate the potential health risks associated with the asbestos-containing materials.

Getting New Floors?

Moving your furniture, corralling the pets, occupying the children and getting into the installer’s schedule are all for nothing when Asbestos Containing Materials are present. Your flooring installers need assurance that they can continue their project safely.