Fire Damage, Asbestos & Lead Assessment

In the aftermath of a fire, many harmful substances require remediation measures. This can include the presence of mold, asbestos, and lead paint, all of which can pose a serious health risk.

Make certain your property site is safe to return to

Post-Incident Assessment Services

Survey & clearance

We identify and assess the scope of work required to clear your property for cleanup and renewal.

Char, Soot, Smoke & Ash Sampling

Even minor or nearby damage can release harmful chemicals, affecting air quality for the entire neighborhood.

24 Hour Quick Response

We understand the importance of acting quickly. That's why we can act within 24 hours and provide the necessary assistance you need.

Insurance Accepted

We are 1403 compliant specialists, you can be sure our services are accepted by most insurance providers.

Fire is only the start of damage

In the aftermath of a fire, hazards extend beyond soot and smoke, encompassing the potential release of dangerous substances such as lead paint and asbestos. These toxic elements, once disturbed by the fire, can become airborne and disperse throughout your neighborhood, posing significant health risks to everyone in the area.