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5 Reasons You Should Get an Asbestos Check Up

For many years, asbestos was considered a miracle mineral, and it was used in countless applications across almost every industry, but over time we learned the truth about its toxicity, and it started being phased out. While it hasn’t been completely banned, there are some significant regulations in place concerning asbestos now.

However, in some older buildings and homes asbestos can still be a concern. With the potential health problems that it can cause, checking for asbestos is important to many people and families that are in buildings or homes that were constructed prior to the late 1970s. We’re going to look at some of the biggest reasons you’ll want to partner with a leading asbestos check-up company.

Top 5 Reasons It’s Worth Checking For Asbestos

Here are the biggest reasons why you should be checking for asbestos in your home.

Your Health

The biggest and most obvious reason that you need an asbestos check-up is for your health, and the health of your family. Asbestos can cause serious, and currently incurable, health problems like mesothelioma, which is a type of lung cancer. Not only does it cause these problems, but they can take decades, not years, to become noticeable, and by that time it is almost impossible to treat with any effectiveness. Checking for asbestos in your home can make sure you are fully informed about any health risks you may be facing.

The Safety Of Your Property

The use of asbestos wasn’t limited to any one type of building, so it can potentially be found in any building built before the 1970s, including homes and businesses. While it can create significant health hazards and risks of contamination in residential spaces when those hazards are present in public or commercial spaces it can create additional problems. If this risk is ignored by the property owner, for example, and someone develops an illness that can be traced to exposure on that property, that property owner could face legal liability for creating an unsafe space.

Comply With Legal Obligations

In many states, such as California, there are several situations where a property owner or the occupant may be required to have their property checked for asbestos to meet legal requirements. This may be a requirement to ensure the property is free from all general contaminants, in which asbestos would be included, but in some cases, there will be a specific requirement to have the structure checked for asbestos. This is most common during the process to buy or sell a home, during which the seller will often have the home checked.

Boost Property Value

Being able to sell a property that has a recent asbestos check-up is going to be much easier, and will produce a higher average price than homes that are nebulous on their asbestos condition. By ensuring your home is asbestos-free, you can maintain a higher property value overall, and increase appeal to potential buyers. 

Peace Of Mind

One final benefit of getting an asbestos check-up is the peace of mind you can enjoy afterward. There won’t be any questions, you will receive a detailed report, and you’ll have the chance to ask all the questions you like until you’re satisfied. 

Home Biotesting Can Make Checking For Asbestos Easy & Reliable

No matter why you need or want to test for asbestos, Home Biotesting is here to help. We are the leading asbestos testing and remediation company in the area, and we’ll make sure you have peace of mind when it comes to asbestos in your home. Reach out today for more information, or to schedule an inspection.