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Commercial Environmental Services

Individuals or entities that operate commercial facilities of any type have a clear responsibility to ensure that the premises are free from hazardous materials. Commercial environmental services are responsible for filling a clear need for mold, asbestos, lead, and indoor air quality testing in commercial properties. 

We’re going to look at why these services are so important, and why you should make sure you’re leveraging experienced professional help for mold and asbestos removal in Los Angeles. We’ll dig into the various dangers of each of the common hazards, and why Home Bio Testing is one of the area leaders in commercial environmental services.

What are Commercial Environmental Services?

The concept of commercial environmental services is wide-reaching and covers a significant range of testing, consultation, and remediation solutions for commercial facilities or small businesses. These services help businesses ensure that the properties they are responsible for are free from hazardous materials that can create liability for the property owner. Some of the services available can include:

  • Environmental testing and assessments
  • Mold, asbestos, and lead paint abatement
  • Ongoing air quality monitoring and improvement
  • Management and disposal of hazardous waste


As a business owner or commercial property manager, investing in reliable, local, commercial environmental services can help you protect your employees and customers from the risks of these materials. Additionally, this results in a lower potential liability for exposure or resulting injury.

The Dangers of Asbestos, Mold, and Lead Paint in Commercial Properties

There are many potential dangers in commercial properties, and the most significant among those are asbestos, mold, and lead paint. Let’s take a look at each one of these, and dig into what they are and what risks they can pose.

Asbestos is the name for a group of naturally occurring fibrous minerals. Asbestos was once hailed as a “miracle mineral” because of its insulation, durability, and fire resistance properties. Eventually, however, it was discovered that asbestos exposure to asbestos fibers can cause incredibly serious health issues long after exposure. These issues can include asbestosis, mesothelioma, and several other types of cancer. Since asbestos was still used in new construction up until the late 1970s, there are many businesses and commercial facilities that have a high chance of having asbestos-containing materials. Commercial asbestos removal in Los Angeles and the surrounding area is critical to reducing the risk of exposure to those who frequent the buildings. 

Mold growth can pose two entirely different risks to your business and facility. Not only can mold cause structural damage to the property and the building materials that are used in its construction, but mold can also cause significant health issues to those with allergies, respiratory issues, or compromised systems. Commercial mold removal services are essential for the identification and subsequent removal of mold infestations, to help safeguard the health of employees and customers and maintain the physical integrity of your property.

Lead paint was a very common component in older buildings until, like asbestos, it was discovered to be a health hazard in the 1970s and banned. Long-term exposure to lead dust or chipped paint can lead to elevated levels of lead or even lead poisoning. Both of which can have substantial effects on children and pregnant people. Commercial environmental services can help not only positively identify lead-containing elements in your building, but effectively and safely remove or abate the hazard. In many cases, the lead paint needs to be removed entirely, but in some cases, the paint can be covered or sealed in a way that removes the health hazards as long as the barrier is intact.

Why Professional Abatement Is Needed

Many business owners or property managers will find one of these issues and will immediately begin looking for the DIY method, often to save money by avoiding commercial mold removal or commercial asbestos removal, but when it comes to hazards like mold, asbestos, and lead paint, leaving the job to a professional is essential. Here are a few reasons why.

Safety First

One of the most challenging things about dealing with mold, asbestos, and lead paint is doing it safely, no matter what type of environment or structure is being treated. They are all dangerous materials that can present significant hazards to health and safety if not handled safely. Professionals will have the proper training, knowledge, equipment, and regulatory licensing to properly handle and subsequently dispose of these materials. Failures in handling, containment, and disposal are common ways DIY abatement projects commonly go wrong.

Comprehensive Approach

Many DIY or commercially-available testing kits will not provide the detailed assessment that a commercial environmental assessment report will. They may not provide detailed or even proper testing procedures, and they won’t provide the insight into abatement strategy or post-abatement testing and management that professional services will. This comprehensive approach is one of the biggest benefits of a professional approach.

Long-Term Solutions

To maintain successful abatement in the years ahead, particularly when barrier or sealing treatments are used, ongoing periodic testing should be used as a preventative measure. This will help avoid any future issues and can help you stay within the terms of warranty coverage for your abatement, keeping your building hazard-free long-term.

Choose Home Bio Testing for Your Commercial Environmental Needs

At Home Bio Testing, we specialize in commercial environmental services and offer a comprehensive range of solutions that can help your business or facility test for, and mitigate environmental hazards. Our team of local experts will look at the unique needs of your specific building and will perform timely and accurate testing, as well as safe and thorough asbestos, mold, and lead paint abatement. 

If you’re looking for commercial environmental services such as commercial mold removal or commercial asbestos removal in Los Angeles, you can trust Home Bio Testing to deliver the professional assistance your business needs to safely succeed. Protect your business, employees, and customers by partnering with Home Bio Testing for all of your commercial environmental services. Reach out today to speak with a specialist about your organization’s needs.